Ahoy, obsession island..

am I welcome to come to shore?

Yes? let’s go then.

I might have a brand new obsession with a gear combination. Part of it could be caused by my bitterness at how it is out of my druid’s reach, the rest of the root of the obsession is just because it is damn cool. And that my rogue can get her hands on it. Full steam ahead and sets to explosion!

(All sets today will be rogue only)

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Hunter mogging in Warlords

And starting my hunter’s planned sets is one that is literally impossible for her to get. Damn that chest armor, damn the worgen starting zone. Also damn having done Loremaster before the arrival of transmog.

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And Warlords mogging is a go

Even if most of my sets don’t necessarily use Warlords pieces, and if they do I have expensive taste, in mats or effort.

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Pretty in Pink

I’ve come to the realization that, really, all character’s need a mog that is pink-themed at the very least, if not entirely pink. And if not pink, purple is a must. Read more…

It’s Mine! All Mine!

Hooray! The heirloom bow is mine! Which, i am very excited for 2 reason. An heirloom in and of itself is a huge relief for leveling, especially a weapon. Just makes going out there and questing to my heart’s content easier. The second reason? I have always, always wanted a bow of this model. Before I was really aware of Wowhead.com during the Burning Crusade years, I thought if I ran Ramparts enough times a bow with that model would have to drop! I eventually realized I was very very wrong. This bow is the culmination of years of ‘but why can’t I have that?”

In honor of that, a new mog for my hunter Rhuan.


And along with the bow, it’s totally an excuse to wear my Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, and those pants.

  • Perpetual Static Spaulders
  • Ghostworld Chestguard
  • Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade
  • Perpetual Static Guantlets
  • Guardian’s Linked Girdle
  • Overlord’s Legguards
  • Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Sabatons of Alacrity
  • Hellscream’s Warbow

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Rogue Mogging to the Max

I am just slightly enamored with my rogue, just slightly. The fact that I can solo things that I had so many issues with on my druid until pretty recently is only part of that. The main bit of it is that i essentially have limitless options when it comes to making new mogs. Unless  I did something silly like vendor a quest reward with no duplicates, there is no limitations on the mogs I can feasibly get.

That might be enabling me a bit much if I’m at all honest about it.

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The rogue will be 90..

eventually, but first! More things in Mog-It, for motivation. Once I’m 90 with something resembling gear, I can actually farm all the things without begging for help. I feel like I should post a warning sign about this post, it is a very large number of sets.

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