New mogging rules, rule. Everyone’s a pirate!

Listen, since i get to mog to shirts and ignore armor? you better believe i am going to.

a pirate shirt for an underwater zone seemed appropriate.

Billowy sleeves and boobs! life is grand.

  • Hidden Hat, Chest, Gloves, Bracers
  • Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt
  • Ravenchain Belt
  • Legguards of Ai’twen Resurgence
  • Bramble Looped Boots (N)
  • Thas’dorah

Purple Pirate Power!

And gold, because that is important to pirates too right? I am going to have so much fun making mogs using Shirts just because i can.

Like, say, this.

The boots make me giggle. But this is .. not a set i would ever wear, but shirt!

  • Hidden Helm, Chest Armor, Gloves
  • Grunt’s Pauldrons
  • Scout’s Shirt
  • Pigmented Chain Bindings
  • Vim’s Scalecrusher Chain
  • Shard-Linked Greaves
  • Vindicator’s Chain Boots

It doesnt really look like a Peter Pan set, but makes me think it anyhow. There isn’t a good pan hat.

Now this one, this one i want to use. I just have to figure out whether i really like these shoulders or not.

Electrified Compression Shirt is so pretty. And hard to work with.

  • Hidden Helm, Chest
  • Spaulders of the Unseen Path
  • Electrified Compression Shirt
  • Choking Vine Bindings
  • Muckdweller’s Handguards
  • Waistguard of Deteriorating Grace (M)
  • Battalion-Shattering Leggings (H)
  • Gnawed Iron Fetters (M)

Blue and glowy is my favorite. The gem on the bracers might be too purple, but for now it works. The rest of the colors tie in pretty well for having like none of the darker blue. Definitely needs other bracers, but that will happen later. after i tire of my current set. And I can’t use this right now, best friend has the same shoulders on.

I spent entirely too long failing at defeating B3@7 B0-X to not mog to Dubvest.

It is ludicrously bright and amazing. And the belt i want is some ridiculous either really doesn’t drop anymore and the only ones that exist came out of Salvage Crates (which blizz, you broke my heart when you made those no longer give greens) or maybe rarely does from a rare.

Except the rare was like the Chromatic Sword’s Basilisk in that the changed level in Cata messed up what could drop and no way to really check if they did replace it.

So, edits. dammit.

Dub the First

Garneg’s War Belt doesn’t really exist anymore. Dammit.

  • Hidden Helm, Chest
  • Gruntslayer Shoulderguards
  • Dubvest
  • Honorable Combatant’s Mail Gauntlets
  • Garneg’s War Belt
  • Powdershot Leggings (M)
  • Fused Monstrosity Sompers (H)

Pink! all the pink one can handle and then some. So, since that was beyond me, i moved on a different belt, but its boringly the same set as the pants.

Makes a snob sad. Even if i love this belt an unreasonable amount.

  • Waistguard of Deteriorating Grace (M)

And the only good belltopped boots. But i found a belt that isn’t set and works! the snob in me won.

It’s not a garnet, but i like it.

  • Hulking Belt

And it continues to be very very pink.

Showing off just how very orange and pirate-y my druid is will be another day.