are not good for my bank. They are not. I have had terrible luck at getting drops but the Auction House has not. And my self control only goes so far. Part of me is grateful i have yet to see a Dragonrider’s Harness on the AH because i would have literally no gold from paying whatever the asking price was.

I mean, i’ve only spent .. something like 100k gold on pieces i don’t even really have plans for. I think. It’s probably more than that.

And i haven’t used any in a mog yet! Oops.

Instead I made a mog with one of my favorite items ever. I am so pretty.

I am so pretty.  Just to repeat myself, because i think it’s important.

Sometimes part of me wants to mock Blizzard’s art team for using the same colors year after year but honestly? i love it so much, i’m sorry i’ve ever been tempted to. It lets mogging pull from all expacs and it is so great.

  • Cannoneer’s Mantle (H)
  • Thick Netherscale Breastplate
  • Grips of the Ruptured Furnace (LFR)
  • Monsoon Belt
  • Gaoler’s Chainmail Gaiters (H)
  • Greenhorn’s Footguards
  • Hisek’s Reserve Longbow (LFR)

WoWhead set link

Thick Netherscale Breastplate is just one of my favorite items. I spent such a long time stalking finding people to get it made. 100% worth the time and material farming.

Shirt from BC, gloves from Warlords, BFA pants, all with the same purple. It’s fabulous.

I go through mogs often, switching back and forth from new to old, to redone, repeating forever. For the most part, I don’t have ‘canon’ sets for my characters. Sets i like a lot, sets i reuse but The One True Set isn’t something i usually come to. This one might be something like that for my hunter.

The purple is so pretty, and the light brown/tan with gold is just A+.