I am ready for it! Please. Please.

So! first off, every armor type gets a Vrykul inspired armor set. The mail armor set? has amazing, amazing pieces.

A shirt that makes Rhuan look like she has tattoos? Hell yes sign me up. This mix is also using a new belt and gloves available in BFA. The rest of the Dragonrider set is neat, but if you use the set pants, you have to use the set belt. they are a little broken at moment.

There are a lot of belts that look like real belts for mail in the wardrobe and god damn i am excited about all of them.

  • Dragonrider’s Spaulders
  • Dragonrider’s Harness
  • Thornshaper Mitts (seem to be the mythic + color)
  • Bracers of Infinite Pipes (Normal)
  • Anchor Chain Girdle (Mythic +)
  • Warmongering Combatant’s Chain Leggings
  • Stormwind Boots

So! this set will be a long time coming, depending on how the colors for dungeon sets work out (failed to actually take screenshot including bracers oops). In Warlords there was a heroic only recolor out of 3 colors, in Legion there was only 2 set colors before the new Karazhan introduced a recolor of questing/zone sets.

I’m okay with that honestly. I like mog to look forward to. And so much of the gear in the wardrobe for BFA looks amazing. Even a new ab shirt or two from the Troll inspired sets. Refreshing a look I’m pretty sure i’ve used before with new pieces is half the joy of new expac mogging as well. Make me prettier!

Belts! shiny new belts that look like belts!

  • Rockhide Shoulderguards (Heroic)
  • Feral Vestament
  • Bracers of Infinite Pipes (Normal)
  • Thornshaper Mitts
  • Honorable Combatant’s Mail Waistguard (gimme that crafted pvp gear)
  • Chillwind Breeches
  • Honorable Combatant’s Mail Treads

Blue! silver! fold top boots that aren’t terrible! woo!

But for the realist fold top boots that aren’t terrible, the raid gear is A+

Like, what is this? Belltop boots that don’t make me wanna cry? And recolors from Cata questing gear that i like, and of course, belt!

  • Matted Fur Pauldrons (Heroic)
  • Drake-Scale Vest
  • Gilean Adventurer’s Shirt
  • Moarse’s Coarse-Chain Gauntlets
  • Crosswind Girdle
  • Robust Legwraps of D’nusa
  • Rused Monstrosity Stompers (LFR)

The belts, i say one more time at least.

Okay, chances of me getting world BOEs is probably smaller than i’d like, and if not as a drop, far too expensive, but i can dream.



Blizzard decided to make mine and a hell of a lot peoples dreams come true.

Blue Firelands! Take that Exarch Maladaar, you are not the only one that can get that set now!

Of course, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t go, ew a robe. So, slight edit, even if when i do chance upon the robe i will 100% use it first.

So happy, gosh. Though i might also pick out sleeker gloves. But god damn this makes me happy. Using Breastplate of Wracking Souls instead of the set chest.

The green set that makes up blue Firelands is the Razorfin set. Clothies get blue firelands as well, in a blue recolor of the firebird mage tier. It’s the Razorwind set.

Or, because as should be for obvious reasons, abs!

So happy! And this using Netherforce Chestplate.

And in other lovely mogging news, Druid of the Flame armor will also be available, in the Firekin set. Mail characters will be able to acquire the Headshrinker set, which is the Looking For Raid Shaman tier from Dragon Soul.

Some fun sets ahoy!