Sometimes i play on my warrior or paladin just because i think they are that pretty. It’s like a compulsion, go look at your pretty elf(s) with a shield. This sthetatement is only half true now, i brought my pretty elf boy paladin over to alliance and he is now a human lady. Which, i really want blizzard to love me and let me be a night elf. I know they won’t, but let me dream. Delas Moonbabefang was a tease of lore, nothing more.

I discovered recently, and i don’t know if its a new change or just something i missed, that if you kill Helya in Trial of Valor on heroic difficulty you get your armor set in a box automatically. Which, if that’s been in the game for months i am super sad i hadn’t known, if it’s newer i am also super sad i hadn’t known.

But! Now that i know, hellooo heroic armor sets, how you doin’.

The shoulders make me all giddy and stuff. Dark with blue gems? yes please. And a reason to use Shield of Impenetrable Darkness!

  • Shoulderplates of the Chosen Dead (Heroic)
  • Doomplate Chestguard
  • Fearless Combatant’s Plate Gauntlets (Alliance)
  • Titanium Links of Lore
  • Firestorm Legplates (Normal)
  • Lucidity Shoes
  • Blazing Demonhilt Sword (Heroic
  • Shield of Impenetrable Darkness

Set Link

I love blues and purples. And fiery lightsabers.

This set is one, because its pretty, and two because a friend makes fun of me for all my mogs with abs. She thinks sets should be neck to toe coverage, you’re fighting things dammit. Dark colors as well, cause she means business! 1 out of 2 ain’t bad right?

One could also use the matching set hat from Karazhan instead of the eyepatch of much gold (it definitely averages over 12k on the AH when someone posts it). For that serious business feel.

  • Crimson Beholder Eye
  • Mantle of Looming Darkness (LFR)
  • Chestplate of Impenetrable Darkness
  • Furious Shackles
  • Gauntlets of Barbaric Cruelty (Normal)
  • Gleaming Celestial Waistguard (Normal)
  • Tassets of Perpetual Despair
  • Immaculately Polished Boots
  • Alimony
  • Reforged Quel’dorei Crest

Set Link

Sometimes one just wants to look all serious but also bright. I think the turtleneck armor sells that serious business is meant.

In a very much different direction, guess who finally got the ridiculous shoulders she needed for a set?

I’m pretty sure if Haunye could, she would delete me for this.

I adore Treant’s Bane for all its ridiculousness. The farming required, its pretty colors! It’s 100% a mess of an item. And its all mine, and now Haunye has to use it because Anetheron gave me shoulders finally.

  • Glimmering Steel Mantle
  • Murkblood Avenger’s Chestplate
  • Replica Soulforge Gauntlets
  • Girdle of the Fallen Crusader
  • Legguards of the Prehistoric Marauder (LFR)
  • Truesteel Boots (iLvl 655)
  • Treant’s Bane

Set Link

The other spaulders i would use on this set are Doomcrier’s Shoulderplates (Heroic). It’s bright, its ridiculous, it all still ties together pretty well i think. A win.

I don’t think my warrior is impressed with me. And i know my deathknight isn’t or that is just her face.

She is usually dressed in much brighter armor. But sometimes one just wants to be a little more low-key. Even if her ax wants to eat your soul.

  • Temple Pauldrons
  • An’telas Plate Shirt
  • Rivet-Sealed Crushers (Heroic)
  • Gleaming Celestial Waistguard (LFR)
  • Leystone Greaves
  • Scaled Marshwalkers
  • Maw of the Damned (Mage Tower, 10 dungeons)

Set Link

Scales and brown leather, classic. With bonus ax that really wants to suck some souls. I am very focused on that, but really, take a look at it, it really wants to.

nom nom and tbh top of reasons i don’t deathknight more. I hate the aesthetic.

And to deviate from all the pretty pretty plate, a feral druid appears!

Another sort of low-key set, with some bright reds.

I might have forgotten to get a screenshot while i was actually wearing it. 700ish gold is a lot for a screenshot, so mog-it will do.

  • Gargantuan Mantle
  • Brawnhide Armor
  • Cryptwalker Bracers (Normal)
  • Haustvelt Gloves
  • Reinforced Seatbelt
  • Splotched Bloodfur Leggings (LFR)
  • Boots of Final Salvation (LFR)
  • Athame of the Sanguine Ritual

Set Link

I like being able to include bracers in a mog and have them matter.

And this is not low-key at all, if only because it is quite the combination of textures.

The answer is mostly abs for why this happened.

But also that i wanted to use the single shoulder from saving Chromie.

  • Epoch Sentinel’s Monnion
  • Infantry Tunic
  • Gauntlets of the Chosen Dead (Heroic)
  • Giantstalker’s Belt
  • Epoch Sentinel’s Leggings
  • Undying Boots

Set Link

Gold filigree on pants and shoulders to bring in gloves and belt, pale leather on the pants to go with the boots and tie the offhand glove in, to go with the pale mesh of the top. Makes me happy.

There is more i could share, but i figure i should save some.