Because elves.

First off, I will 100% admit to leveling my blood elf paladin simply because I couldn’t have a night elf paladin. Damn Delas Moonfang for breaking the rules and not letting me follow her in footsteps.

Boy blood elves also don’t have bad abs honestly (no butt sadly). Not too much a trial playing one.

There is a large chance I’ve posted this set before, or at least some iteration of it. But hey, it was probably 4 years ago or something at this point.

  • Brackenshell Shoulderpads (Heroic)
  • Field Plate Armor
  • Fists of the Pack
  • Hidden Belt
  • Skyfire Greaves
  • Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Warboots
  • Abaddon

I am aware I’ve done sets with those pants, I just love that they are below waist.

My joy when Morchok on LFR finally, finally gave me pretty paladin boots was just boundless. So many sets I had been planning for years were finally fulfilled!

First, my favorite simple BC set edit.

So, so, so happy. I admitted that I leveled a blood elf paladin because I couldn’t have a night elf one, but it was also about being able to farm the boots from Morchok. Not even gonna lie, that 2 chances a week was important to me.

  • Alaina’s Bonnet
  • Pauldrons of Brute Force
  • Unscarred Breastplate
  • Fists of the Pack
  • Spellwarding Waistguard
  • Greaves of the Iron Guardian
  • Pillarfoot Greaves (LFR)
  • Souldrinker (Heroic)
  • Shield of Shining Fate

My love for dangly belts has few limits. So many good ones in Legion.

Any excuse to be a but in my day player and use the Blood-Tempered Ranseur in a mog is a good excuse.

Purple and orange are good opposing colors! this makes me happy. Might still be boot shopping but I wasn’t lying about the joy i have in using the boots from LFR Morchok. I have them, I will damn well use them.

  • Chilled Shoulderpads
  • Bloodthirsty Gladiator’s Scaled Chestpiece
  • Gauntlets of the Thunder God
  • Cable of the Metrognome
  • Radiant Lightbringer Greaves (LFR)
  • Pillarfoot Greaves (LFR)
  • Blood-Tempered Ranseur

My favorite set that I’ve made recently is most definitely:

The dark color on the torso vs the gold and white for the extremities just makes me really happy. (A dark heart to match hers right? right) And that I can do a very similar set on my Paladin by using Savage Gladiator’s Scaled Helm makes me damn happy as well.

  • Acherus Knight’s Hood
  • Overdriven Spaulders (Heroic)
  • Breastplate of Grievous Storms
  • White Linen Shirt
  • Plated Fist of Hakoo
  • Hidden Belt
  • Legguards of Peaceful Covenant
  • Silver Sabatons of Fury
  • Base Blood Weapon, color 2. Heart-Lesion Runeblade as well as Steelforged Greataxe

I love making sets that run counter to the spec and class. A very paladin set for a Blood Deathknight? Don’t mind if i do.

For all that you never get to see the set, because I believe in the importance of my feathers, my druid is very mogged at all times.

I love this set, the Scythe of Elune makes me stupid happy.

It is the hidden appearance, 200 world quests completed color.

  • Supple Shoulderguards, 655
  • Battle Seeker Chestguard
  • Reaping Gloves of Aleifir
  • Reinforced Seatbelt
  • Ironpelt Leggings
  • Boots of the Still Breath (Heroic)
  • Scythe of Elune, hidden, 3

Fist weapons are frustrating, but I do love Fist of the Diety

I love this mask model. Getting the Mask of Artful Dodging on my rogue was a happy day.

  • Wild Gladiator’s helm
  • Hide of Chromaggus
  • Dreadleather Jerkin
  • Crystalbinder Wristguards
  • Ruin-Stalker Grips
  • Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Waistband of Accuracy
  • Dreadleather Pants
  • Boots of the Forked Road
  • Fist of the Deity

Speaking of rogue mask

I need to get better at Subtlety if only because the daggers are so much prettier than Assasination’s.

  • Mask of Artful Dodging
  • Shoulderpads of the Chosen Dead (Normal)
  • Tunic of the Dark Hour
  • Twisted Wraithtalon Gloves
  • Strap of the Chosen Dead (Normal)
  • Pennyroyal Leggings
  • Fearless Gladiator’s Leather Slippers

It is such a good mask.

I think that is enough sets for the moment. Oh wardrobe, i love you so.