I really haven’t been playing World of Warcraft recently. I was on overnights at work, which did not let me raid, and I wasn’t all that inspired to play by Tanaan (Bruy, if you see this, I swear I’ll reappear this Monday). I might get back into it now if only because that infinite drake mount from Timewalking.

Until then though, I will continue to let RIFT be a huge, very pretty distraction.

The game and mechanics are honestly pretty much like any MMO out there as far as i know, with talent trees that harken back to vanilla WoW’s but on crack, but damned does the wardrobe system make me love the game. Instead of transmogrification, where you have to make and save sets using an outside resource (<3s forever for MogIt) and then spend gold on using the set, RIFT introduced a system similar to that of Diablo 3’s.

It is beyond amazing.

Every piece of gear that you have ever had in your bags, not even equipped, just literally in your inventory, becomes accessible in your account wide wardrobe. It doesn’t matter what armor type, what weapon type beyond 1 or 2 handed, or ranged (wands are there on their own though) it is possible to make anything look like anything. A rogue can appear to wear all plate or all chain, something they can not equip at all. A warrior tank can run around shirtless in daisy dukes, with a fish for a sword, wearing a unicorn head as a hat and make everyone else look silly as they murder the hell out of everything in their path.

All armor slots have the option to be turned off, leaving you as dressed or naked as you wish. The number of naked tanks I’ve run dungeons with is surprisingly high.. or not at all surprising probably.

Another ridiculously cool feature of the wardrobe is the dyes. Almost every armor piece has the ability to be dyed twice, a main color and a secondary color. Given this is a game of never ending microtransactions (which is very bad for my bank account tbh) the base number of available colors isn’t huge, but is still beyond neat. (you get to stare at all these colors you don’t have and drool)

Here is the wardrobe UI on my warrior. As you can see, I selected armor at my leisure, what did I care for it matching. I can make it match mwahaha. Which, okay, some pieces have things that don’t dye, like gold accents or glowy bits or even just patches that don’t. It makes it interesting to work those unchanging pieces into sets. Another factor is that even using the same dye in the same slot of 2 pieces can result in different appearance, seemingly based on the darkness or such of the original color.

brodhi dye

In this case, I decided teal and tan were my colors of choice.


Also? A full half of this outfit is not plate, the warrior’s armor of choice. The chest armor and gloves are leather, while the pants are cloth. Another factor that makes outfits both harder and simpler is that belts are a non-factor. No belt has a appearance, any sort of belt or waist is the pants or armor.

Now some pretty pictures, because really, what more could one want?


This incarnation of Rhuan is damn pretty, ok.


Just. So pretty. And like I was saying about un-dyable bits, all the gold accents on this set are unavoidable, so I embraced it and found pieces that all had gold accents. Though I was moderately lazy and used gloves and shoulders of the same set even if there are other gloves I could use.

And because I am me I still make the habit of repeating pieces I really like, but with the dye system it’s almost like I’m not. Totally in love.


Also, all bows have unique quiver art. Admittedly most of the easy or cheap to acquire weapons in this game have very quiet art, it’s still neat how all bows have different quivers. Weapons in this game until you hit high levels and dungeons or raids are more realistic than fantastic. Most of the armor is, sans all the pants that aren’t (I will say that RIFT has way way too many pants that aren’t pants, but they are also easily avoidable). That is what makes the dye system so fantastic. You can take these quiet sets and make them pop.

Sets can be changed on a whim, with no cost beyond purchasing the save slot initially, which can be in-game currency or real money. And if you want to spend all your plat on it, you can have over 30 save slots. Though seriously, alllll of your plat. Another neat thing is that once you have a set on, you can change your actually equipped gear without affecting it. The effect isn’t per armor piece like WoW, but instead by the slot. It doesn’t matter what you have equipped in it, except for weapons, can’t look like you have a shield and sword if wielding a 2 hander.

bahmi babe 2

My baby Bahmi mage babe. I’ll level her eventually.

Brodhi purple

Purple is as important in RIFT as it is in WoW. Soon I’ll go pink, just because i can.


Bright white is also very shiny.


This might be a bit much boob window wise, but eh, we shall see. Leveling might happen.. maybe.

TLDR: RIFT is super pretty, super distracting, and I’ve probably spent more money than I should have on things in it.