Even if most of my sets don’t necessarily use Warlords pieces, and if they do I have expensive taste, in mats or effort.

My warrior and hunter both have a lot of new planned sets. And my taste, as always, runs to the expensive and ridiculous. Stage 3 crafting items for mog anyone?

(not this set or even my warrior but just, in general)
Enchanted plus Brute

Wowhead set link (trying something new, lets be fancy)

  • Pauldrons of Abyssal Fury
  • Enchanted Thorium Breastplate
  • Exalted Gauntlets
  • Lofty Belt
  • Inkling’s Leggings/Enchanted Thorium
  • Sunscale Sabatons
  • Firethorn Mindslicer (heroic)
  • Protective Barricade of Light

Because those shoulders.

I just wanted an excuse to use Oathsworn (purple!) without using the full set.  Warrior only, you poor left out souls. (we shall not talk about my bitterness regarding my desire for other classes salvage armor).
Skyfire Oathsworn

Wowhead set link

It’s the most ridiculous sword and I adore it.

And in seeing the screenshot of this one I know I need to edit it. The gloves need to be a brighter blue/purple. Or to lighten the boots.

  • Oathsworn Pauldrons
  • Fire Scarred Breastplate
  • Fists of the Pack
  • Oathsworn Belt
  • Skyfire Greaves
  • Oathsworn Sabatons
  • Saur-Singer Spellblade
  • Shadowbark’s Shin

And thank you for salvage Blizz, thank you so much. Thunderstrike is amazing looking.


Wowhead Set Link

  • Salvaged Ango’rosh Pauldrons
  • Valorous Chestguard
  • Gauntlets of Chattering Valves
  • Waistguard of Reparation
  • Legplates of Wrath
  • Muck-Ridden Galoshes
  • Thunderstrike Falchion

I repeat, this sword is a gift.

Variation on a theme (the pants): this sword is my everything. Though I definitely need to find other boots. Incase it’s not obvious: plate boots are the worst and I am terribly picky.


Wowhead link

  • Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel
  • Rot-Resistant Breastplate
  • Gauntlets of Chattering Valves
  • Belt of Barred Clouds
  • Legplates of Wrath
  • Boots of the Funeral March
  • Anzu’s Scything Talon
  • Draconian Doomshield

I look at my warrior in this set and ogle. I am not sorry about it.


Though I running around right now with the set gloves to go with the boots instead of the Shattered Hand Gauntlets as shown.

Wowhead set link

  • Burden of Mortality (heroic)
  • Shattered Hand Breastplate
  • Gauntlets of the Heavy Hand
  • Uktar’s Belt of Chiming Rings
  • Imperial Plate Leggings
  • Mosscrusher Sabatons
  • Anzu’s Scything Talon
  • Protective Barricade of the Light

I will always adore the Ahn’Qiraji belts above all those, but this belt is pretty damn amazing.

Originally there was like… 8 more sets on this post, of Rhuan’s most recent, but decided 6 sets was plenty for one post. Also that it has been in drafts since February and i should just post the damn thing.