I am just slightly enamored with my rogue, just slightly. The fact that I can solo things that I had so many issues with on my druid until pretty recently is only part of that. The main bit of it is that i essentially have limitless options when it comes to making new mogs. Unless  I did something silly like vendor a quest reward with no duplicates, there is no limitations on the mogs I can feasibly get.

That might be enabling me a bit much if I’m at all honest about it.

I completed and equipped my mashup set involving the Anh’Qiraji rogue set and then maybe, maybe, a 2 days after hitting 90 I equipped a new set. Oops?


I waffled over using the set shoulders but the silhouette of these shoulders is just so nice.

  • Shoulders of the Monstrosity
  • Deathdealer’s Vest
  • Skystalker’s Bracers
  • Inscribed Leather Gloves
  • Belt of Delay
  • Deathdealer’s Leggings
  • Boots of the Forked Road
  • Saur-Singer Spellblade

I love Avool’s Sword of Jin and Saur-Singer Spellblade. They are just those items that are so odd looking that despite the kind of ugly they are amazing.

I then completed and equipped this set as soon as successfully soloed Black Temple. Which, the Council was annoying and I actually died on one try of killing Illidan. Who’d have thought that the elementals did percent based damage? Ow.


I just, this belt. Bruy and I keep trying to work it into everything and I finally found something that it worked with.

  • Hateful Gladiator’s Leather Helm
  • Slayer’s Shoulderpads
  • Slayer’s Chestguard
  • Gloves of the Fanatical Zealotry
  • Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Waistband of Cruelty
  • Slayer’s Legguards
  • Stormfeather Boots
  • Muramasa

Muramasa is honestly just kind of because it dropped and is a neat model. And none of the few swords that hide enchants were the colors I wanted with this so I just embraced the gaudy weapons.

Then I equipped

Imriel-Night Strider 2

Which, heh, last a night. Oops.

  • Spaulders of the Ring
  • Lo’ap’s Muck Diving Tunic
  • Qiraji Execution Bracers
  • Troublesome Gloves
  • Belt of Never-Ending Agony
  • Kilt of the Night Strider
  • Sandstalker Ankleguards
  • Sedai’s Blade

I need to figure out a pantsed variety of this set. A rogue in a skirt kind of confused my brain.

And then that night  I had a item I had never noticed in Mog-It before drop. A Glorious Scepter  (this one is worth a link okay). It’s an offhand model! but a mace! and holy moly do I love it.

No lie, I am super tempted to macro something like “Magic 8 Ball says no!” to Ambush. It just is so stuck in my brain.



Using these Macara Maces (name courtesy of a guildie) just absolutely tickles me. So happy with them.

  • Mantle of the Dusk-Dweller
  • Boneshredder Jerkin
  • Handgrips of Assassination
  • Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s Waistband of Accuracy
  • Skulldugger’s Leggings
  • Spymistress’ Boots
  • Glorious Scepter

Now I just need the Helm of Assassination from the Arcatraz. I really like that face-mask look. It’s like saying, hey look out, I will bite you if you annoying me. Or you know, I murder people and don’t want to see all of me. either or.

And again, because my brain: Magic 8 ball says no! Or alternatively “No, here is a mace to the face”