I fully believe in mix and match sets, but sometimes I do just want to wear a set that already exists.  Mostly because I know it is a 100% match and not just my brain telling me it goes well.

In the case of my deathknight, I decided it was high time I got her into the Bloodfist Armor set. I have always, always wanted to use it, but for a damn long time the only shoulders I thought would work with it were Spaulders of the Manifold Eyes, heroic version, from Beth’tilac. That? That is not something I am capable of soloing and I’m not quite so greedy as to make people run Firelands with me so I can go for one drop like that.


I came to a realize that Pauldrons of the Souleater were a more then good substitute; also that the Tabard of the Achiever is absolutely badass and needs to be shown off (and that the only way I would ever actually wear the Bloodfist set was with some more cover).

  • Pauldrons of the Souleater
  • Bloodfist Breastplate
  • Tabard of the Achiever
  • Bloodfist Gloves
  • Acherus Knight’s Girdle
  • Bloodfist Legplates
  • Bloodfist Greaves
  • Hatebringer

The tabard is a must to be honest, I am not actually good at playing characters that are more then moderately naked. It feels rather unsafe really.

My paladin is also now wearing an armor set I have coveted for years and finally got around to farming up.


The Enchanted Thorium Armor Set and the variety of recolors it is available in our among my favorite pieces on my deathknight but I figured I should spread the pretty to my paladin. Also the shoulders are paladin only, that definitely had more then a minor say in which character would get the set. The small amounts of red on the shoulders let me have a lot of fun with the belt and weapon. I love that belt model so much.

  • Heroes Redemption Shoulderplates
  • Enchanted Thorium Breastplate
  • Cliffbreaker Gauntlets
  • Mogu-Wrought Girdle
  • Inkling’s Leggings/Enchanted Thorium Leggings
  • Grim Sabatons
  • The Untamed Blade

My paladin my just be geared in items from the Timeless Isle but dammit, she is pretty.