I know what the answer should be, but the truthful answer? Is definitely the second option. Give me those mogging pieces.

The armor sets aren’t brand new but they give some awesome options. One of my favorite models introduced in Pandaria are pants like Go-Kan’s Golden Trousers, and the Timeless Armor for hunters? Is a red recolor of the valor and jp sets. I am super excited about it honestly.

My hunter has plans you see, plans.


  • Betrayer’s Pauldrons
  • Hauberk of Totemic Rage
  • Crimsonscale Gauntlets
  • Monsoon Belt
  • Crimsonscale Legguards
  • Crimsonscale Greaves

All I am missing is the chest piece and for all that there is 3 options for it? None are appearing. They will though, even if I have to spend all day in UBRS attempting to get the pattern for the Red Dragonscale Breastplate. I might decide to get the hunter vp boots instead, Steps of the Warserpents, mostly so as to not be using 3 pieces of the Crimsonscale set.

Edit: Yay, the auction house pulled through and I got a Hauberk of Totemic Rage for 25g.


With bonus Arathor, the Eye of Flame (heroic).

And remember the Barrens weekly? While that gear was definitely not new at all, it did let me not to wait till the Darkmoon Fair for an item.


  • Mantle of the Tireless Tracker
  • Sul’lithuz Sandmail
  • Brushcutter’s Gloves
  • Tallgrass Guerrilla’s belt/Beastmaster’s Belt
  • Bloodmail Legguards
  • Scalehide Spurs

The Bloodmail Legguards make me so happy. I am sad that they are no longer available so that any of my future characters can’t get them.

Also tinkering with another set using Shaman Tier 15 lookalikes


Only reason I haven’t actually assembled this one is the pants are still expensive even with a VP discount.

Stuff and things, and more stuff.