Swords and yet more swords

In working on gearing and mogging my warrior, ive discovered.. i don’t like mogging in fury. Two 2hander swords absolutely take over sets. But! this is not to say i haven’t found some good looks, there are always good looks.

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And then the color wheel attacked!

So many mogs, so little time, so much farming to do! What, world quests? what do you mean, i have old raids to run! I’ve honestly been changing mogs so often that i forget to take screenshots of the pretty outfits much less post about the pretty outfits.

This post is going to be all about my rogue, because if i tried to include all my 110s equally, with all the outfits i want to show off… it’d be a 30 set post and that’s a bit excess. Maybe. I mean, i could see why one would say so.

I’ll just have to remember to post more often! My warrior has been looking amazing recently. It’s kind of an issue, when you log on and all you think for a couple minutes is damn i look good.

First set is going to set the mood, truly.

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Wardrobe! oh Wardrobe!

The pre-patch has been absolutely, ridiculously amazing for transmog.  Read more…

Distraction, thy name is RIFT


I really haven’t been playing World of Warcraft recently. I was on overnights at work, which did not let me raid, and I wasn’t all that inspired to play by Tanaan (Bruy, if you see this, I swear I’ll reappear this Monday). I might get back into it now if only because that infinite drake mount from Timewalking.

Until then though, I will continue to let RIFT be a huge, very pretty distraction.

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Ahoy, obsession island..

am I welcome to come to shore?

Yes? let’s go then.

I might have a brand new obsession with a gear combination. Part of it could be caused by my bitterness at how it is out of my druid’s reach, the rest of the root of the obsession is just because it is damn cool. And that my rogue can get her hands on it. Full steam ahead and sets to explosion!

(All sets today will be rogue only)

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Hunter mogging in Warlords

And starting my hunter’s planned sets is one that is literally impossible for her to get. Damn that chest armor, damn the worgen starting zone. Also damn having done Loremaster before the arrival of transmog.

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And Warlords mogging is a go

Even if most of my sets don’t necessarily use Warlords pieces, and if they do I have expensive taste, in mats or effort.

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